As a Child of a Teen Mother…

As a child of a teen mother, who was raised by his grandmother; I say fuck this bullshit, these bullshit elitist ads.

If Black people waited for ideal conditions to have children, we would have died out during the decades of our ancestors enslavement.  We have always make a way for our babies no matter the cost.  We understood, culturally and instinctively, that all our babies belong to all of us, we shared time, labor, and resources to bring up all children.  We also understood that our reproduction was an act of defiance to our oppressors and an honor to our ancestors.

Now these capitalistic, parasitic, muthafuckas got us totally infested with their sick value system.  Putting a price tag on our children’s lives.  We now treat our children; like college degrees, or nice cars, or lavish homes, they are just status symbols that we can parade around with. 
Our oppressors control the economy, they determine who is worthy of a job, and how much those jobs will pay.  So, if you stake your reproduction on your earnings; your are turning you very reproduction over to a people who have a consistent history of racism, genocide, and exploitation! 

Fuck money, look how many rich kids grow up to be sick parasites.  What about these corrupt politicians, CEOs, and clergy men; what’s makes them more worthy of reproduction then poor people?

Instead of creating a society that has a place for all children, that supports all mothers, that properly distributes the wealth and resources to all citizens, we simply try to demonize the reproduction of the young and the poor!

This campagin is not an effort to improve the lives of teens, they fund these ads as they strip money from schools and other social programs.  This is war propaganda, it is a psychological attack againts an alrealy battered population.  We must retaliate by uniting, rebuilding our (pre-integration) community structures; and advancing the larger Revolutionary Pan-Africanist Liberation Struggle.