On the Tired Anology of Black People Being “Crabs in a Barrel.”


Some Black folks mistakenly think that Black folks like me who share unpleasant or unacknowledged truths with and about Black people or the Black condition are “crabs in a barrel.”

Obviously, them folks have never been crab hunting. Crab hunters don’t use harshness, or the truth to capture the crabs and place them in the barrel. They use subterfuge and deception, not the truth.

They use traps that appear to be safe havens for the crabs, they bait the traps with the craps favorite foods, they trick the crabs into thinking everything is OK, or even better than OK in order to trap them.

So the “crabs in a barrel” analogy don’t apply to people telling you the shit you need to hear, it’s the folks who are deluding you, who are telling you it’s all good, who want to push some Kumbaya, liberal, multicultural, Don’t Worry Be Happy, “get money and do you,” agenda on Black people. They are the ones who are setting us up and dumping us into the “barrel.”

Note: Once the craps are in the barrel, those climbing out are stepping on the ones who are below, those below are struggling to avoid getting trampled. So the whole fucking situation is fucked, for those below and those trying to climb out. Ultimately, the fucking trapper should be your focus.

So please keep you weak, inaccurate analogies to yourself.