Wake Up #BillBoosters!

I’m sick of this non-issue when we have real shit to deal with; but I guess there’s opportunity to learn in all things.

I’m disappointment that many of the people I respect are Bill Boosters, I’m seeing otherwise respectful and articulate men make Rape jokes, attack women who may or my not be victims, attack and accuse all women of wanting to bring Black men down or supporting the System in doing so, there are even people trying to reinvent Bill as some kinda fucking Secret Revolutionary who’s a threat to White Domination who needs to be brought down before he executes his Revolutionary plans against the White man. SMH, WTF!!!

This Cosby Tabloid bullshit, and his alleged sexual crimes have again forced me to see things, mentalities, and conditions that I have allowed myself to ignore I’ve always known we have a long way to got as a people, but sometimes I allow myself to think it’s not as long as it truly is.

I don’t care what happens to Bill, oh wait, let me restate that; “I care about as much for Bill as he cares for the poor Black mothers in the Ghetto, the millions of Black people incarcerated by this system, the millions more traumatized and demoralized victims of White atrocities all over the world.” So, that means I care very little.

What I do care about is my People and Community, our level of understanding and the protocols we adhere to. If we don’t know how to process and respond appropriately to Tabloid Bullshit or a Disgraced Comedian, how the fuck can we be expected to process and respond to real issues, or to even know how to distinguish between real issues and bullshit? If we can’t distinguish between a Black Leader and a Black Minstrel, then how will we even cultivate real leadership out of the ranks of our youth? If we standing up for a Black Multimillionaire who abandoned us at the same time we ignore hundreds of Black political prisoners and exiles who truly fought for us, what fucking hope is there?

This Cosby Scandal is very telling.

I shared these sentiments already I know, and I’ve been getting bombarded by Black “Men” and even a few Women for messin with their imagined step-dad; Dr. Heathcliff “Cliff” Huxtable.

Here is my final message to the Bill Boosters, and hopefully my final time speaking or writing on the issue, Back to the Real Work my People:

“These dudes are worshiping Bill only because he was put on a pedestal by the White media. If he was a trucker they’d throw him under the bus, if he was a Black Nationalist they’d say the accusations were evidence that all Blacks who seek Liberation were fake and perverted.

But since Bill got a whole lotta money and been in the White media all their lives, then he must be a great and moral man, almost as great and moral as Obama. SMH.

What’s ironic is that the Cosby Supporters (aka Bill Boosters) have no issues with the White System elevating these Negros, but they get pissed when the same System deflates the Negros they inflated.

If they were really balanced and intelligent they’d resent when the System puts forwards a Negro as an authority or leader, as they are when the Systems seeks to take away a leader they manufactured and promoted to us.

Stop letting our oppressors determine who’s worthy to speak up or lead in the first damn place!!! Stop using White standards to determine who’s successful and who’s a failure!!! Stop throwing tantrums when you accept what Whitey giveth, and then Whitey taketh away.

Grow Up New Negros, and leave Bill to hash out his issues with the very System he embraced and supported his entire life. Bill loves this System, and up until a few months ago the System loved him; you know you should not jump in a "lovers quarrel,” or they’ll both gang up on you once they’ve resolved their issue!

If you are upset about a Black person being falsely accused or persecuted by the System, then there are millions of noble Black people to support, start with Mumia Abu Jamal, or Sister Assata Shakur, what about all the imprisoned and exiled Black Panthers? They could use some of that attention and support yall are wasting on that (alleged) Sexual Predator.

Besides, Bill ain’t asked for none of yall help, and before the allegations RE-surfaced, he would be telling you all; “you can’t blame the White man for your problems and failures, you need to pull your pants up and stop trying to duck responsibility for your actions.”

Yall done forgot Bill’s message he’s been pressing on the Black community for the last 20+ years? If yall really loved Bill (yall don’t Love him, yall just worship his status, his status of having a lot of money and his close proximity to White people with money, that’s what it is, yall just can’t admit it to yourselves), but…if yall really loved Bill you would hold him to his message and the protocols he advocated.

So again, ‪#‎FuckBill‬, and WakeTFUp you ‪#‎BillBoosters‬.“