Can you offer a course on organizing for beginners? Or even organizing for dummies? You should be paid for this as well.

I had the African R.A.Ce. (African Research and Application Collective) in Brooklyn where we would intensely study issues and then develop projects to address those issues.

I organized the Insight Community Forum in Kansas City where we offered free and open instruction, discussion, study, and organizing instruction; it was hosted by the local chapter of the National Black United Front.

Here in Chicago we had Interesting Thoughts  which was a promotions cooperative. where we do all the same along with organizing social and cultural gatherings.  The larger organization that IT was operating under imploded so IT has fallen by the wayside. 

Community education and outreach is essential to any viable struggle or movement and always a major priority for me and those I organize with; but right now I don’t have the support network in place to organize and sustain such work, but I’m working on it.