Diallo I would like to know your opinion about the entry of military troops in Africa, specifically in Djibouti. I read an article about it and I think it is worrying. I mean that this may be only the first step to a full-fledged colonization

That’s Africom, which is just an offshoot of PNAC.

The US and it’s Western/White allies are well past their first steps to full-fledged re-colonization of Africa.  You have to research the PNAC (Project for a New American Century); which is the US agenda to consolidate American hegemony after the fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War.

At the end of the 80s and into the early 90s the US became the world’s sole super-power; G.W. Bush’s father was president and at that time and he enacted a “New World Order” in which the US would not only embrace its status as the supreme military and economic superpower of the world, but it would mobilize its own military but the armies of its allies (NATO) to prevent the emergence of any new global or regional superpowers. 

This insane plan has been the primary economic and military drive of the US since 1991; both Democratic and Republican administrations have embraced this agenda, and that’s why you see no difference or even conflict between the Republicans and Democrats when it comes to military and economic policies abroad.  

This is a failing project, but the psychopathic elites in the West are unwilling to surrender this global agenda, they are willing to sacrifice as many working class people in the US, and poor people in the 3rd world to sustain and advance the PNAC. 

After the decolonization movement in African the West and East were content to fight Proxy Wars in Africa, Asia, and South America; but since China and Russian are out maneuvering the West and countering the PNAC agenda, the US and NATO are forced to play a more direct role in Africa, Asia; but not yet in South America.  So the US is forced to directly occupy and build bases and staging areas in Africa; and the corrupt neo-colonial rulers are more than happy to offer Africa’s lands and people up in service to PNAC.  

Just as all conflicts over the last 1400 years (or more) Africa’s land, people, and resources have been central to the wealth and success of the West’s agendas and power.  

So, African never escaped the grip of colonization, colonization has just changed its from and methods over the decades. 

Africa and the Global African Diaspora need to embrace Revolutionary Pan-Africansim to truly liberation both Africa and the World from the Omnicidal grip of White Domination and Capitalism. 

You are correct to be alarmed, but the next step is to get mobilized and organized with others to counter and dismantle all of the Systems, Institutions, and Agendas of Global White Domination and Capitalism.  PNAC and AfriCom are just two of many insane programs and agendas we need to subvert.