What are you thoughts on Kanye West & Lupe Fiasco musically and are they consider New Negros in your mind? If so, how?

I’m not a fan of Kanye, and I’ve never really given Lupe a, chance to be honest.

I was mostly indifferent to both of them until Kanye started to elevate and self appoint himself as the voice of a generation, attempt to appropriate the Confederate flag and make it a hip and marketable symbol, and other psychotic shit.  From all dat shit, I would classify him as a Minstrel, but not really a New Negro…yet.  Just a Hyper Egotistical, overrated Minstrel, In this era of Lil’ Wayne and Keef, an individual like Kanye can play at being a musical genius and a conscious individual, but he’s just a dwarf among midgets, and doesn’t come close to our true creative geniuses and politically/socially/culturally conscious artist.

I have respect for Lupe’s efforts, what I know of him beyond the music, especially here in South Chicago.  I’ll scan the net and look deeper tho; but as of now I don’t have a real opinion on his music, literally they only songs of his I’m familiar with is ‘Kick Push,’ and that ‘Bitch Bad’ song which were cool.