Proposal for a #SitYoAssDown Campaign.

When Whites are targeted for their (lack of) skin color, for their
nationality, for their religion, ect; whenever Whites are targeted as a
group for attacks, for any reason, the fucking media does not interview
White pastors and ministers.

They bring military analyst,
national security experts, public policy and safety specialist, they
debate the best method of retaliation!

I’ve been following the corporate media and all I fucking see are
Minsters, Preachers, and Believers running their mouths!  Even in the
progressive and alternative media that got Pork Chop Preachers talking
about what happened and what should be done!  Damn, they can’t even find
one fucking retired Black vet to discuss anti-White Terrorism tactics,
not even the so-called radical media does this.  

WTF does a man
of God, a preacher know about security, about collective protection
measures, about public policy and public safety?!?!

These damn preaches need to stick to WTF they know; selling real estate in Heaven for 10% of their flock’s pre-tax income.

We need a ‪#‎SitYoAssDown‬
campaign enacted against all of these Minsters and Reverends, even the
ones we believe to be militant and political but don’t have any record
of organizational success or community progress!

I’m done, I just can’t.

I mean you could pull up old articles or video reels of Negros being
interviewed after lynchings, or other atrocities dating back the the Reconstruction Era
and you will find Negro Leaders saying the exact same fucking things
about healing, prayer, sorrow, and a need for integration and gun
control; oh, and jobs, can’t fucking forget to plug jobs for Blacks, cuz
unemployed Blacks don’t tithe as well as those with jobs.