The Chruch of Batmanity.

I have no doubt that in the distant future, if the current Western Capitalist Elite fail in their attempt to make the world uninhabitable by complex life forms, some asshole will find a fossilized comic book in the ruins of the American Empire, and totally take that shit literally.

This asshole will swear that Superman sent his only begotten son Batman, who was born of a murdered mother and father, to fight and die for the souls of man, because Superman is so pissed at us for doing exactly what he knew we’d do before he created us. They will write songs of how the savior rose from a (Bat) Cave to save souls for the Heavenly Father in the red and blue tights.

This asshole in the far distant future, will take this tattered, torn, and fossilized comic book, misinterpret the text and the images to fit his own insane and selfish agendas and hire some goons to impost Supermanism in the name of Bruce Wayne on the masses in the distant future.

Oh, and people will go to war and debate for centuries over the more appropriate title for the masked savior: Bruce Wayne, or Batman. Some really smart assholes will explain that Batman is just a title that anyone can have and the Saviors real name is Bruce Wayne; they’ll think they are really fucking smart for knowing this bullshit, and say it smugly to any of the Batmaniain Disciples who call the Masked Savior Batman instead of Bruce Wayne, and please don’t get them started breaking down Superman vs. Kal-El….!

The asshole who found the tattered, torn, and fossilized comic book will call himself the first/or last prophet of Superman and the founder of Batmanity, he will say that everyone should obey him and give him more than his share of the resources. Of course most of the people will tire of his shit, run him and his followers off, and kill a few to make sure they say away. Of course the Supermanian Prophet and founder of Batmanity will use this to his advantage and tell his remaining followers that their persecution is evidence that they are special and anointed by the Superman, and within a few more centuries…, you know how it plays out from here.

Wait, one more prediction: the poor peoples that the followers of Bruce Wayne colonized and enslave will swear that Superman and Wayne are of the race or ethnicity of the oppressed and not of the race that imposed that dumbass religion of Batmanity on them….now you really know how it plays out, so I can stop here for real.

Like I said before; “I have no doubt that that Gods that people are killing for and dying for today will fade into obscurity just like Zeus and Cronus; the problem is some asshole will erect a new God to manipulate and exploit the masses.”