Annoying Visit to a White Suburban Gun Shop.


I had to go all the way the fuck out to Bolingbrook, IL to find a location to buy a simple key to a trigger lock on a small caliber revolver!

That’s because you can’t buy small plastic keys to trigger locks, you can’t buy trigger locks, you can’t buy guns, paintball guns, or even slingshots in the City of Chicago.

Don’t you love how safe and gun violence free this city as a result of the many absurd bans and prohibitions on guns and any projectile weapons, even the type I played with as a child?

Anyway, I go up to the counter and it’s the day after the Christian Whole-Lie-Day of Jesus’ Birthday, and there are literally hundreds of White people lined up to buy guns, hundreds of them, White men, women, and children.

I kept hearing shit like “home protection,” this guy behind the counter handed this White, Mid-Western, Red Blooded, All-American, Man a shot gun that was bigger than I was. This dude had on fucking boat shoes (in December) a damn Tommy Hilfiger polo shirt, and don’t look like he’s seen a day of real hardship, he fucking lives a exurb that has nothing but McMansions and corporate mega-stores, WTF does he need a fucking Elephant gun for? What the fuck does he think is coming to his home?


I’m directly in line behind this couple and this woman is buying a new clock, its molding is pink, but she can’t decide between the one with the solid pink or the pink-camo design. She was upset that the one with the pink-camo was more expensive than the solid pink gun. I bullshit you not, that was her dilemma. So, I’m behind her for like 20-30 mins as she goes back and forth.

Then the clerk looks over her shoulder and ask; “can I help you with something,” I said, “yes, I’m looking for a trigger lock,” and the clerk responded, “those are at the far end of the counter,” then I corrected myself, and said,“I’m sorry, I meant; I need a universal key for the build in trigger locks,” at that point the pink Glock woman rudely cuts me off and started just taking about the cost disparities of the camo and non-camo guns again; the clerk turns away from me as I was in mid-sentence and starts responding to the pink Glock lady.

I say, “excuse me, I’m not done,” this clown then turns to me and says, “well, she was here first,” I say, “that’s true, but you are the one who ask me if I needed help as I waited patiently while she complained bout the cost disparities between the pink Glocks for 20 damn minutes.” The woman, after being so fucking bold and rude kept her eyes averted and head down so low that I though it would roll off of her shoulders. The clerk then said: “I thought you needed something quick,” I said “I thought so too, but that ain’t got shit to do with shit. You need to behave like you have some home training, all of you do.” I said, “I don’t expect much from you but I expect you to at the very lease adhere to the corporate code of conduct and customer service that they teach you at employee orientation.”

Then he started stammering again, then all these gun toting Suburbanites looking at me like I disrupted their Corporate Constructed MidWestern Utopian Paradise. I decided I’d just contact the manufacture from home instead of deal with this shit.

I also thought, “let me get the fuck outta here before my wife comes upstairs and really starts flipping on these Suburban Drones.”

I don’t care how bad the Hood gets, this Suburban culture and lifestyle these people have constructed in these White Ethnic Enclaves are far worse. I swear, I couldn’t live in no shit like that. I know so many Black people who’ve staked their lives on living as close to these people as possible because they think it’s safer and the schools and other social services are better; but damn, you gon sacrifice your sanity for that? If I had to live with their passive-aggression, their palpable hostility, their deep-seeded psycho-pathologies on a daily basis, shit, I couldn’t.

Your life energies are better spent creating safe and dignified spaces of your own instead of fighting to get into spaces that were not built for you and that you are not welcome or wanted. Fuck that.

If the damn White Liberals had not successfully imposed policies to disarm the Black community (or more accurately, “disarm the moral, and upstanding members of the Black community”), and create an anti-gun atmosphere in the major Black metropolises I would even had to have been all the way out there. Damn!

We need to set up cooperatively owned gun stores, gun-smithing shops, and indoor ranges all over the hood. We need to reintroduce Black Gun Culture to the Hood, seriously. Why would we block ourselves from any tool or technology available to all others? But that’s another discussion, tho.

I swear, all the average White America has left to cling to is their false notion of moral and genetic superiority they have over us, that’s it because the White and Corporate Elite have damn near robbed them of everything else, hell what little they have left is gonna be drained by all these Corporatist Republicans they voted in this past November. LoL!

But it ain’t really funny, because when the White Elites drain the White masses of all that they have, and send their sons off to foreign lands to die for even higher corporate profits, these Suburban Drones will gather up their guns and hatred and direct them towards those who ain’t got shit to do with their suffering, and that means us.

History has not been very aggressive about documenting White riots, armed racial aggression, and organized/mass White-on-Black Violence but it has happened more often than you know, and we are one economic calamity, or False Flag Terrorist Attack away from a White Uprising directed at any and everyone except those who are responsible for the economic calamity or Terrorist Attack, mark my words.

Hell, just visit the gun shop, gun show, or even the rural Wal-Mart outside your Hood on any given day, you’ll see these God-Fearing White Americans arming themselves to the teeth, and you can guess their intended target.

You can roll out with me to Bolingbrook and just spend a few minutes at the gun counter and you’ll see Soccer Moms pumping shot guns, and twitchy IT nerds pushing carts full of ammo.

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