Do you think HIV is a myth or blown out of proportion in the black queer/sgl community? The CDC says 1 in 2 blk men will get HIV on their lifetime. Bullshit. This is entering conspiracy territory here, but what’s good bruh, you down for the ride?

Yes, the creation, propagation, and treatment of HIV and AIDS are full of myths and distortions, not just among Black LGBTQ but among all Africans across the globe.

Also, since the 80s the Western media and NGOs have been predicting the depopulation of regions and populations of Black people and have been wrong every time.  From Uganda, to Hati, to now Atlanta they’ve been inflating, distorting, and just lying to our people and using HIV and AIDS as a psychological and biological weapons against our people.

I’d like to direct you to the Reseach of Kedi Awadu and Dr. Gary Null; that should get you started on the path to understanding HIV, AIDS, and the Global African Community.