White People Need to STFU about Black-on-Black Violence.

Just had this White Patriot tell me some bullshit about Black on Black crime, I will not even repeat his bullshit, but I’ll share my response to him and for all the other White people who have anything to say about Black on Black crime…this might be good for some New Negros to read too:

The majority of homicides committed against Whites are committed by Whites; and Whites have fought two world war against each other, finally, Whites attack each other when White bankers steal the pension funds from White workers and leaving them in debt, and White politicians send poor Whites to die in the Middle East for oil profits, when White corporations pollute the land and White children are born with all kinds of deformities and get all kinds of weird cancers, White on White crime is more pervasive and insidious than Black on Black crime.

We don’t own the lying ass corporate media, so we get exposed while Whites cover up their bullshit.