Never Forget!

Why are descendants of enslaved Africans fighting to purge images and remembrance of the enslavement of our Ancestors?


I think the truth of slavery should always be taught and exposed. I think lynching photos should be present in every Black home, every African child should sit with their parents and review those images. I think every atrocity that has been committed against us should never, ever be forgotten, or forgiven.

Why do we seek to escape our history? What is that about?

Do White Americans seek to run from images of their colonized ancestors? Do Jews seek to smash images of their holocaust? Do Chineses seek to bury the history of The Rape of Nanking, or the Opium Wars. Does India hide the atrocities of British colonialism? Have not the Japanese erected monument after monument marking the atrocity of the Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

People who truly overcome their oppression don’t seek to bury the history of that oppression, only people who seek to deny their current oppression seek to bury their past oppression, in my observations.

I suspect we don’t want to be reminded of the past because it forces us to deal with the reality of our present. We are still enslaved, exploited, murdered, raped, and indoctrinated by the same people for the same purposes as our ancestors. They still take our children from us by force, they still hold our strongest youth in chains, they still kill us with impunity. We still pray to the same damn Gods, and eat the same damn Soul Slop the forced down our enslaved ancestors throats!!

So, the best way for us to pretend that we are free now is to ignore (or try to forget) that we were ever enslaved in the first place.

When we see images of Slaves, we still see ourselves, not our past, not our ancestors, but ourselves, right now, today; and we hate our own reflection.

Instead of truly changing ourselves and condition, we seek to smash the mirror so we don’t have to face ourselves.

Fuck smashing images of slavery, smash the fucking Systems and Institutions of Oppression and White Domination!!!

“You still a Slave, look at how you behave, debating on where, and when, and what Mater gave.” – KRS-One

Our oppressors and enemies should be the ones trying to smash evidence of their crimes against Africa, not us, it’s our duty to bring the atrocities to light and hold our enemies accountable; once we are liberated, or once we get serious about our liberation, we’ll better understand this.