Yeah that’s the part I hate about black men (not all) they are the only race who seem to disrespect their own women

as a dark skinned girl I can confirm this is true and it makes me sad

LMAO OK I’m not trying to intrude but black men are not the ONLY race that shit on their own women. South Asian guys do this a lot too, especially if the girl is dark skinned, or dresses “too western” OR “too fobby” literally anything. Shadism isn’t exclusive to any one community.

“I’m not trying to intrude” and here you are intruding

You really could have made you own separate post about this tbh

Yall need to find Pan-African Organizations and Social Circles to work with and dwell among.  We know “birds of a feather flock together,” so if you so far gone in your head to where you have anxiety around other Black people, chances are you are one of those self-rejection Blacks we see in White Social Circles and avoiding you own people.  The kinds of Black people you find in those social circles are just like you; “self-hating, and self-rejecting,” so you are all perpetuating the cycle of self-rejection and blame each other for doing what you all do. 

I’m sick of all these Black people who claim to be unable to deal with or find other Black people who are self accenting and loving of other other Black people because I’ve lived in several Black communities and I’ve never had that issue.  If you are in my area of South Chicago I can take you to several spots and introduce you to Black who love Dark Skin (and every other skin tone we manifest), but if you come acting like we the enemy, then how do you expect to be received?

If you are more comfortable around White people than your own people, then there’s something wrong with you, not the rest of us, or even “black boys,” you and your friend are the problem, and that goes for the rest of you self-haters.

Love yourself, love your people, and understand our plight, and join the struggle, and you will find that Black Love…and lose the anxiety. 

But if you wanna keep treating every “black boy” you’ve been around like the worst and sickest “black boys” you’ve encountered, you’ll simply maintain your weak ass excuse to date White dudes, run in White social circles, and blame it on us.

One more thing; how you don’t have anxiety around White boys, and their treatment of Dark Skinned people all over the world and throughout history? SMH.