Slick Barack the Ruler.

Obama will join the ranks of Mobutu Sese Seko in Africa and François Duvalier in the Caribbean in the history books. He is a Black Head of State who shamelessly and openly serves the interest of the White Imperialist while neglecting and/or brutalizing his Black subjects.

The only thing that separates Obama from other Black Dictators is that these other dictators used open violence to subdue their Black populations, whereas Obama uses psychological manipulation and mass indoctrination, although Obama would not be above using open violence if the Black population ever looked behind the curtain to see Obama and his agenda for what it truly is.

The Black population in America can no longer criticize or pity Blacks in African or 3rd World nations for falling under or supporting obviously corrupt Black leaders any more because we in the West have proven that we are even less willing to stand for justice or hold Black Heads of State accountable than our Brothers and Sisters in the 3rd World.