Capitalism & the New Negro…

“…Don’t test me, cause I’m tired of teachin lessons,
So muthafuck you and that bullshit that you’re stressin” – Scarface

That’s what I wanna say when I’m talking to some of these self-satisfied, wanna-be capitalist, integrated, assimilated, self-hating, oppressor loving, New Negros.

They think their wages, and Thousandaire status makes them allies of Bill Gates and the other capitalist, they think that they are players in the national and global economy. They think they are smarter, better, and more deserving than the unwashed masses. That the Lord has blessed them above and beyond the rest of us, and by Lord I they mean the Lord of the Manor, not the Lord in the clouds.

They mock and belittle Black people engaged in struggles for justice, reparations, and liberation; they think their “riches” came from their own hard work and not the unity, blood, and struggle of Black radicals and rebels of the distant and recent past. They think their status is secured because they are loved and accepted by the very people who profit from exploiting and killing Black people in the so-called Third World. They think that their proximity to their Masters and their full embrace of the Master’s ways and views will spare them from the atrocities that befall all the other non-White people on the globe.

I’m sick of these Pseudo-Black Capitalist and Petty Bourgeoisie New Negros, someone should show them the images of Jews being marched to cattle cars in fur coats, tailored suits, and clutching their fine silver. Somebody needs to tell them that their Masters can and will pull the plug on the little Black Capitalist Sand Box that they play around in as soon as it fits their agenda to do so. Somebody need to tell them that all the printed money, and precious minerals cannot by a new fucking atmosphere, will not restock the acidic oceans with marine life, will not prompt dead soil to produce food!

The worst thing about these New Negros is that they promote their insanity to the youth. They are taking their Black Captilism into the schools and HBCUs. They are spreading the idea that Blacks suffer because we don’t emulate our oppressors ways and values well enough, and that we just gotta get with the (omnicidal) program, and stop “blaming the White man.”

They are so stupid that they fail to see that the very people who taught them capitalism are now slowly embracing the ways that they force our African ancestors to abandon. Progressive Whites are forming cooperatives, they are engaged in local production and sustainability, they are embracing renewable energy, they are rejection consumerism and mass production, they are divesting from the corporate economy and putting their resources into small scale production and local redistribution, they are even now running and election socialist candidate in local elections; while the New Negros are still looking at Alan Greenspan and the other Ayan Rand disciples to tell them what to do. These White are selling New Negros their McMansions, and using those funds to set up urban eco-communites, SMH. These New Negros are still on that “get wealth, forgetting all but self” mentality that much of the world has already abandoned

Time to drawl a line in the sand with these New Negros. We can’t have principled unity with these contaminated individuals. We can’t have them promoting damaging and dead ideas to the next generation. I think we have to shun them all together unless they embark on some intensive education and reorientation. They are untrustworthy, disruptive, dismissive, and damaged. Fuck em!

“The tragedy of the American Capitalist System is that it not only makes people stupid, it makes them arrogant in their stupidity.” – Stokely Carmichael / Kwame Ture