Retake the World!

Pan-Africanism, Reparations, and Repatriation are not about an Exodus out of suffering into a ‘Promised Land.’ We must make moves to better our positions and opportunities for Liberation, but we can’t accept or promote notions that there is any place on this planet that we can simply move to and Be Free. Where ever we go, how ever we get there, we must continue to organize and fight for Pan-African Liberation.

The sober reality is that there no sanctuary, no DMZ, no area of retreat. The system of oppression is global. It matters not if it’s Obama’s satellite guided drones, Japan’s nuclear fallout, or Monsanto’s self-replicating GMO technology; there is no place on the earth you can run from this!

Our oppressors have committed genocide on every single populated land mass on this planet. They have contaminated and provoked extinction in every single ecosystem, and habitat on this planet, even Antarctica!

So there is no solution, or salvation in running, even if you retreat into your mind or spirituality, because if you are breathing, it’s contaminated air, if you drinking, it’s contaminated water, if you eating, its food that’s been snatched from some poor child’s mouth and transported to you, or its been grown in contaminated soil, or on stolen land.

We need united, coordinated, Revolutionary resistance, not escape plans.
This whole planet belongs to all of us, time we took it all back.