You do know the free market and capitalism existed in Africa long before Europeans landed there right? Socialism doesn’t work. Look at Venezuela. I know you’re gonna say it’s the west fault. Lol read an article bro. Everything has a cost because everything in nature takes time and energy to be produced, everything in nature gathers and hoards.

Thanks #Yurugu, It’s good to know just the kinda psychopathic, lying ass mentality we are up against.

(I’m now calling for the Yurugu Self Exposure Progocol #YSEP; when a Yurugu expresses their mentality, don’t debate them, don’t waste time trying to educate them, simply thank them for letting you know just how pathological their mentality is, and move on.) 

Yurugu is a….
…upon the earth.

Yurugu is the mentality that has been imposed on the world; telling us that ways of being that sustained humanity for thousands of decades is inferior  to the their way of being, which is destroying all ecosystems within a few centuries.  Then they lie and try to put their sickness on our ancestors; LOL! They are pathetic. 

Yurugu has been asserting for a long time that if other Races had the opportunity to do all of the colonizing, enslaving, raping, mass killing, and ecosystem destruction like Yurugu, we would; they like to pretend that all of humanity is as sick as Yurugu; now they saying Free Market Capitalism was in Africa before Yurugu landed.  Man, Yurugu is Getting Desperate.

Know Thine Enemy: