African Cultural Revolution as a Respone to Ongoing Oppression.

These men who murder our children do not act alone, they are created, taught, driven, armed, sheltered, defended, and justified by a much larger ideology and its institutions. This Omnicidal system is illegitimate, so it needs ongoing validation of its power, it must not only kill us, but dive us to kill each other, it must allow blatant acts if injustice to play out in its courts in order to reinforce its claim to power. It must also give utmost priority to the production of death (weapons of mass destruction), and they spread death to the world. The author Derrick Jensen accurately wrote that this, “culture has a death-urge.”

So don’t just finger these killers, realize that they are part of a larger system and culture. The worse thing about this culture is that, over the centuries, it has infected us, it has fooled us into thinking that we could and should strive to be a part of it. Africans need to reverse this.

We absolutely need a African Cultural Revolution, we need to create a culture that affirms Black life, beauty, and the essential African mentality that is still in our DNA. 

We must begin to aggressively attack this Death Culture that the Zionist, Corporatist, and their well-paid Minstrels have imposed on our community. As I live and work in South Chicago, all I hear is death coming from the car radios and TV screens.

It is so bad that a the number one Black rapper/mogul in the world could rap: “It’s hard not to kill Niggas, it’s like a full time job not to kill niggas!” and we still embrace him. Not only that, he publicly meets with our “nigga killing,” first Black President, and they endorse each other!

Can you imagine a Jewish rapper stating that: “It’s hard not to kill Heebs, it’s like a full time job not to kill Heebs,” and then meeting with the Prime minister of Israel? Do you think Jewish mothers would be dressing their children in his clothing line? What if the Jewish artist’s wife came out with a track calling her Jewish fans bitches and telling them to bow down to her; would that be the straw that broke the camels back?

We must not only have Black Love, Black Self-Respect, but we must demand it from all others, there should be no more dangerous act than to disrespect an African Woman or to harm an African child! We must make this the global reality.

The murders of Emmit Till and Trayvon Martin are common ritual in this nation and will continue as long as the US continues, if history has taught us noting, it has taught us that. We must fundamentally transform our culture, our World View; base on an African Social Theory if we are to reverse this.

Del Jones constantly taught that 90% of all warfare is cultural, that if you surrender or abandon your culture, then you are lost. If we fail to transform our culture into a Revolutionary force, if we allow corporations and our oppressor to define and guide our cultures, then we will continue on the path of genocide, and have more and more racial atrocities along that dead-end path.