fucked up we say that soldiers returning to the US suffer from PTSD.  
Like they have been traumatized, like they are victims.

It’s like
saying a rapist who’s been kicked in the nuts is a victim, or a thief
who stole your XboX only to get home and find it was broken was a
victim, or a cop who gets blood spatter on his uniform after killing an
unarmed kid is a victim (because of his increased cleaning bill).

These soldiers who have PTSD generally obtain it in two ways; their
fellow mercenary soldiers, who are illegally occupying a sovereign
nation get killed by a resistance fighter or a bomb planted by a
resistance fighter, or that solider witnessed/participated in various
atrocities while engaged in an illegal occupation of a sovereign nation;
like rape, murder, mutilation of a corpse; or all three against the
same victim.

So, how are we to fell sorry for US solider who suffers from PTSD.  Is it even appropriate to call it PTSD?

It seem like it’s Post Crime Conscious Emergence Syndrome (PCCES); when
someone finally develops a conscious and fells guilty for what they
fuck that had no business doing in the first place; but that will not
save the raped, murdered, mutilated victim they killed/or allowed to be
killed so, what value is late blooming guilt or conscious?

soldiers who suffer PTSD because they saw their fellow soldiers fall in
the line of duty (and that duty being to advance a genocidal attack
against a nation that presented no threat to the US), they don’t even
have PCCES, they suffer from “I’m Willing To Dish It, But I Can’t Take
It Syndrome,” (IWTDIBICTIS); which is even worst than PEECS.

and for you indoctrinated drones who are about to talk that shit about
me not supporting the troops, or how soldiers fight for my freedom to
take shit about them; shut the fuck up, reread the post, and lean
something for once in your fucking lives!

If you really supported
the troops you’d join me in opposing Imperlism, Capitalism, and
advocating for the complete dismantling of the US military; which are
the biggest threats to American lives (whatever the fuck that is),
American Liberty (whatever the fuck that is), and American sovereignty
(which yall ain’t even entitled to in the first place, because this is
Native American land still, and yall are still illegal occupiers).

You’d also be supporting US soldiers who grew a fucking conscious
before the got back to the US and it was too late for them to stop the
US genocidal war crimes, if you really supported the troops.  Soldiers
like Pat Tillman or Bradley Manning (nka: Chelsea Manning); but yall don’t even know their stories, let alone support them, or their causes.  

I’m not even asserting that US soldiers aren’t suffering, occupation
and mass killing does take its toll, but until we properly define what
the soldiers are suffering from they we can’t help them.  

who works in the healthcare industry (only this sick system would turn
healthcare into an industry) will tell you that proper diagnosis is
essential to receiving proper care and a positive prognosis.