My Side of the Story: Engaging a Supporter of Officer Darren Wilson

The woman in this image is Linda, she came on my page and posted some bullshit about Blacks being the most criminal people in this society, that we are responsible for the police aggression because we are such a criminal and violent population, that the police are justified in murdering us and our children because that’s the only way to keep us in check. She stated that #MikeBrown got what he had coming to him, and that Officer Wilson is a hero. Oh, and she sited the racist fake news site ‘The Washington Times’ to support her claims about Black people and our inherent criminality.

I’m sorry, I can’t quote this woman because before I could copy and paste her comments she deleted them and then blocked me. I did manage to get this image of her and some Terminal New Negro out showing their love to the homicidal cop Wilson, it was her Fb cover photo.

Mind you, I’ve never posted on this woman’s page, I’ve never engaged her on Fb or anywhere else, I’m not sure how she found my page. I was requested to share my responses to her even though I don’t have her comments. I didn’t really want to, mainly because my responses may seem contradictory…but hell, here they is anyway.

I Responded:

1. Dr. Welsing instructed us not to attempt to prevent Whites from expressing their lies, racism, or psychopathology, we should observe, listen, an allow it to inform our actions.

Dr. Bobby E. Wright instructed us not to debate with such irrational and pathological White people; White’s have been projecting their criminality on Blacks, Natives, non-White Immigrants, and all other victims of their Racist Aggression (for so long) that they can’t even distinguish between reality and the lies they tell.

Finally, we know that these working-class, and ignorant Whites who support the Fascism that the government imposes upon vulnerable non-White populations always comes to the White masses eventually, then they will cry out for sympathy even tough they’ve ignored the suffering of others for decades.

Linda is just one of millions of Whites in this nation who live in the White Bubble of Lies and Distortions that “right-wing” media creates for them, it’s not our responsibility to educate her, we just need (to) remain focused on what really matters.

Thanks for the inputs and showing your deep seeded ignorance Linda; and good luck with your support for homicidal policing, it’ll reach your soulless suburb sooner or later, and when the Fascist are kicking in your door, or killing your loved ones, remind them how you supported them when they were only killing those evil Blacks, see if that will get the boot off of your neck.

2. Linda Smith; supporter of Fascist and Lover of NNs.

3. One more thing; the Washington Times is not a legitimate news source, it’s founded by a cult leader, and is never quoted by any legitimate news source. It’s just an indoctrination news site for Racist.

4. Yeah, I let these Good Germans, and Lovers of the American Way spew their ignorance and indoctrination when they are dumb enough to do so, it only supports my positions.

Linda is too damn stupid to understand that Black males make up less the 6% of the US population, and we are not enough to full up all the prisons, detainment camps, and to catch all the bullets that the Fascist Law Enforcement organizations are building and accumulating, they are gonna look to the White majority sooner than later.

Just like they did before, just like they had to expand the CIA drug distribution to White communities because there are not enough Blacks to victimize and fund the governments Black-Ops; so now Whites have a much higher drug use and addiction rate than any other population on this planet. SMH. These Working-Class and Poor Whites never learn. SMH.

I know you don’t care Linda, you are culturally incapable of such humane sentiments, you only know consumption and hostility, like a cancer, but I still appreciate you giving us a peek into that bleak mentality of the AWA (Average White American). Thank you.

5. Racist Self Exposure Protocol: When a Racist Exposes themselves, don’t fight them, thank them, and move on; because now you know where they stand and how best to deal. #RSEP

Note: At this point Linda requested that I leave her alone.

6. Linda, you on my page dumbass, I’m not posting on yours! Damn you stupid. You can just go, stop posting and reading my post, I have not posted anything to your page, or provoked any interaction with you, you came to me Linda.

Damn you stupid! Listen Linda!

7. LoL! I grew up in Missouri, I know how to deal with AWAs, they’d be funny if they were not so well armed and prone to violence.

8. This is Linda’s profile pic; showing her support for the Thin Blue Line; aka the Po-Po.

If Linda ever read an honest history book, or a book at all besides the Bible (a Children’s Bible I bet) she’d know that the police, when given the orders, have never hesitated to bust the heads of AWAs when they got outta line, and that the policing agencies serve the Elite, and their interest only, and having White skin and limp hair is not enough to (earn) admission to the Elite club. LoL! Linda is such a Basic AWA, a Red, White, and Blue loving, ‘Murican.

9 & 10. Linda is gone, she has deleted her racist comments, and blocked me! #MissionAccomplished I’m sure she’s reporting me to Fb also, and will try to get my account suspended or deleted. LoL!

I know I may seem crazy, but trust me, my comments would make more sense if Linda has left her comments up. *Shoulder Shrug*

I don’t like just giving my side of the story, but someone requested that I share it, even though it’s just my side, you can find Linda on the various “We Support Officer Darren Wilson” pages on Fb, if you want to hear her side of the argument from her.

Linda’s Profile Pic:

Me to Linda: