The concepts and topics covered in this blog lead me to inquire, what are your thoughts on the concept of perfection? Do you think it is possible to create a perfect people, and culture?

Yes, perfection is possible, the purpose of life is to perpetuate life, so any culture that adheres to this simple purpose, then it’s perfect as far as culture goes.

Perfection does not mean free of pain, struggle, or even death, because that’s all part of the cycle of life.  Perfection means that the culture contributes back to the land base as much or more than it takes, that the land base and ecosystems benefit from your presence.  There are many cultures that lived for eons in an ecosystem without over hunting, fishing, or cutting.  They contributed to the ecosystem, they didn’t destroy or overtax it.

That is what humanity should strive for, to create societies that exist within ecosystem, not against them; that’s as perfect as any culture can be.

A Blanced and Sutatainble Culture is a Perfect Culture.