Brother Diallo, say the dismantling of white domination is successful, what have you imagined that the new society will look like and function like?

It will take centuries for the ecosystems and human societies to heal from the elimination of White Domination.  There will be many who seek to replace the West on the Throne of White Imperialism; the China, India, and even Russia. 

There will also be servants and tools of White Domination who will try to ascend to take over, like Black Capitalist, Uncle Toms, New Negros, and Arabized Africans; they will try to mimic their former Masters and maintain the Systems and Institutions of their former Masters because they can’t even image any other way of being besides the Omnicidal Way we are forced to live under this Global System.

So, the dismantling of Global White Domination is just the beginning; fortunately, the dismantling of GWD will above all else reduce or reverse the planetary ecocide that’s killing the life sustaining capacity of the earth, and therefore provide us with the needed time and space to fully heal humanity and the world.

The world will not be a utopia after the fall of GWD, but just there will no longer be a hegemonic system that compels the participation of all of humanity, so there will be options and opportunities for peace, justice, and sustainability that currently don’t exist under GWD. 

I suspect that much of the world will return to functioning like it did before GWD, as various cultures and regions organize according to their own World Views and Social Theories.  There will still by conflicts, wars, disputes, and everything else, but humanity managed to have peace and cooperation be the norm, not constant conflict and mobilization for war like under GWD.

This is all, of course speculation, I find it hard to think beyond the struggle to dismantle GWD and healing the world’s ecosystems TBH; after that, I’m done, I’m retiring, yall take it from there.  LOL!