Stakes Is High…

Activism is an inappropriate response to an Act of War.

Integration is an inappropriate response to Racial Exclusion.

Marching is an inappropriate response to ongoing Atrocities.

Working Harder is an inappropriate response to Labor Exploitation/Slavery.

Protest is an inappropriate response to Systemic Oppression.

Love is an inappropriate response to Hate.

Etc, etc, etc.

We have to formulate actions and responses that not only address our issues, but have the best potentiality to solve our problems. We don’t have the numbers, or the resources to keep up the struggle as we’ve been doing since the Reconstruction Era. If dramatic and fundamental shifts don’t occur within the Black community, in how we view ourselves, our status in the US, and our oppression and our oppressors; we not only remain in oppression (until we are driven into extinction), we will lose all opportunities and ability to even challenge our oppressors.

We, at this juncture need a Cultural Revolution. We are gearing up in 2017 to do the exact same shit our people were doing in 1917; we are approaching 2020, and just look at the state of the Race in 1920! Look up the Red Summer of 1919; and overlap that with today, the violence, insecurity, and dysfunction we find our communities plagued with today. In fact we are less organized to face the same damn challenges now than we faced a century ago! We have the same fundamental agenda, objectives that failed us 100 years ago (Integration, Securing the Vote, Top Down Economic Development, gittin a gud education, etc., same shit!).

So, as we approach 2020, having been stuck in the same fucking genocidal cycles we were in in 1920, it’s really time to draw a line in the sand, it’s time to construct viable and long term plans and demonstrate the disciple to give your life, talent, and resources to a viable plan, to hold to agendas and protocols over a the course of decades! We have to return to Statecraft, Institution Building, Organizational Disciple, Resource Acquisition and Management, Oppositional Politics, Agency Capture, Civil & Collective Defense, Self Governance, Enclave Development, Pan-African Coordination, Radical Analysis, Intelligence Gathering and Processing, the Formation of a Global African Agenda and Leadership Structure, Pan-African Media Appratus, Raw Resource-to-Finished Product Economics, etc. All that unseen, unglamours, difficult, and thankless work of Liberating, building, and securing a people, their lands, and their futures.

We need to come out of our ideological and political comfort zone! The Stakes are too high to keep repeating failed programs, actions, and initiatives.