On “Niggerization” and White Aggression…

There’s something we need to understand that I think too many of us miss.

When it comes to White Aggression, Oppression, and Subjugation; Black people are just a placeholder.

I’m sorry, I know we like to think we are special, when it comes to the attention and actions of Western Culture and White Domination, but, I’m sorry, we are not special or unique.

So, what doesn’t that mean?

Well, what I’m saying is that if Black people went extinct, or better, if we secured our total Liberation, this culture and Systems would simply find a new target, a New Ni99a, a New population of people to brutalize, demean, degrade, mutilate, to blame for all of their social ills. It ain’t even really got shit to do with our skin color, although it really makes it easy for Western culture to decide who’s who; but they don’t need color distinctions.

Dr. John Henrik Clarke identified the “process of Niggerization,” where Whites in power and their lower-class henchmen identify a population to impose their blood lust and savage aggression upon.

In their History, the leaders of Western Culture have “Niggerized” their own children, they have “Niggerized” White women…still do when they can, they “Niggerized” the Roma people, European Jews, the Irish, the Italians, the Slavic Peoples, the Turkish, White people with congenital deformities, Protestants, then Catholics, Muslims, Mormons, Liberals, Conservatives, Peasants, Royal Families, and of course all of the non-European populations all over the world.

There is not one population that can be defined as a population that those who hold power in Western Culture, and most of the rank and file of that culture have not tired to “Niggerize” and commit atrocities against.

Now, don’t run out and try to act like we have natural solidarity with other victims of “Niggerization” because when this culture finds a New Ni99a, they sometimes invite the Old Ni99a to join them in committing atrocities against the New Ni99a, and 99% of the time the Old Ni99a will join their former tormentors.

Just look at the Irish, they spent 800 years under the thumb of British Imperialism, but as soon as they got to the US they were one of the most Racist populations in this nation, they were the original Coppers, who loaded our ancestors onto the paddywagons that they were just freed from. Who remembers the Draft Riots when the Irish barricaded and burned a Black orphanage full of Black children?

White women have been treated like garbage from day one in Western Culture, their religions blame her for bringing sin and death into with world. But what yall think is gon happen when Hillary gets into Office in 2016? She gon keep the Ship of White Imperialism afloat and drone bomb whoever gets too uppity, just like Obama.

So, just because a population is or was “Niggerized” at one point in history or another, that don’t make them or allies. Sorry.

The reason I’m bringing all of this up is because there are so many Negro Leaders asserting that we can end oppression by changing how well we perform in this system. If we learn to speak English properly, if we get enough eduction, if we are better employees, or wiser consumers, or if we simply stopped “killin each otha.”

Now, I’m for all of that shit, but I don’t have the illusion that it will stop the oppression and genocide imposed on the Black community because the educated, affluent, honest, God-fearing Black folks are targeted, even more aggressively by this System than us po’ folk, especially psychologically, they suffer daily psychological assaults and violence, I was just talking to a Black PhD who’s worth millions and she was telling me about the degradations the Black Elites suffer every day at the hands of their White colleagues and the institutions they work within.

So, even though we’ve proven our intelligence, loyalty to America, and our willingness to embrace the American Dream, we still catching as much hell as ever, because it ain’t really about us.

What we must do is stop achieving to prove anything to our oppressors, and begin to achieve to overthrow them, to dismantle their systems and institutions. Stop raising up Human Resources for capitalist and start raising up Pan-African Revolutionaries for the liberation of the world….starting with Africa.

Don’t take this shit personal, and don’t blame Black people for what we suffer, stop talking that “we our own worst enemy” bullshit, it’s not true.

We need better understanding and analysis to guide more effective organizing and actions. That’s all.