Was the LA Rebellion in response to the police officers who beat Rodney King being aquitted justified? Why or why not?

Hell yeah it was justified, but that’s not the right question, the real question is: Was the LA Rebellion effective? 

If it was, then how do we capitalized and repeat the success, if it wasn’t how do we correct the errors and do better in the future; but I’ll stick to your question.

Dr. John Henrik Clarke stated that Black folks “don’t own anybody anything but and ass whoopin,” and I fully agree with him. 

All acts of rebellion by colonized, oppressed, enslaved, occupied, and ‘fuck’d with’ people are fully justified.  I don’t care what form that rebellion takes, spitting in Massa’s stew, breaking the plows on the plantation, burning down Massa’s mansion, or rioting in the streets; it’s all justified.