Who’s to Blame for Youth Homocides?

Just heard 8 shots in rapid succession from my home office here in South Chicago. The shots had to have been within 2-3 blocks from my front door…cue the police helicopters.

I’m thinking to myself; “there are no people more deserving of rampant violence than the Black community of Chicago.” It seems like our people were given a list of workable solutions to violence and youth delinquency…and we did the fucking opposite of everything on that list.

We brought Obama to speak to Black youth about violence in South Chicago! A man with his own personal Kill List, who is responsible for the death of thousands, who only addressed the slaughter out young African in his own backyard (literally) when it became politically expedient to do so.

We make it damn near impossible for law abiding, community minded men and women in our communities to legally purchase, train with, and use firearms.

We actively campaign for the racist government to send more racist cops into our communities to brutalize, degrade, and enrage our already disaffected youth; provoking them to even greater levels of self-hate and reactionary violence.

We look to ministers, men who have presided over 50 decades of urban decay and Black economic decline, men who have historically proven that they are more loyal to the government and their tax exempt status than to the well-being of our communities, men who’ve been given billions of dollars of our hard earned money and haven’t manged to employ more than a handful of our youth or who haven’t build any wealth generating institutions, we look to these minsters for guidance on the issues of youth violence and homicide. We look to them, even though the youth are the most underrepresented population in these damn churches.

We encourage schooling and academic achievement as an alternative to the streets for our youth, even though the education is still structured for industrial jobs, which left the fucking country 30 years ago! Even though schools induce more self-hatred and frustration, and inferiorization in our youth, driving them to violence and homicide.

We pretend like this is about individual choice, about individual solutions even though this violence in present whenever and wherever you see oppressed populations who refuse to enact a revolutionary struggle for freedom. We ignore the fact that the Native Americans, the exploited Hispanic immigrants, the Poor White Trash, and the Third World youth all engage in self-destructive violence because they have no state in their society, and they have been given the tools to rebel constructively and effectively against this Ominicidal system that seeks to use them up and cast them away like they are nothing more than Human Resources.

We condemn gang violence and call for the end to their crimes while we fucking ignore the genocidal U.S. military that we fund with our taxes. We don’t do or say shit about the U.S. military killing millions of Non-White people all over the globe while pollution the air, water, and sea which the youth will need to build a better future.

We allow the pharmaceutical to make billions in profits by turning childhood and adolescence in to clinical disease and drugging the shit out of our youth for profit at the same time the warp their brain chemistry.

So as I hear these gunshot, I’m not pissed at the youth, the gangstas, or the violence; I’m pissed at all the rest of yall. All of you who refuse to fight the system that is driving our youth to such despair that they no longer value their lives or the lives of others. This shit is yall fault!

Oh, and look at the labels on your clothing, and the coltan in your digital devices, you MFs are benefiting from murder, and violence even if you never pull a trigger.

If you are engaged in real fundamental solutions, or if you would like to be, you have an ally in me, please feel free to contact me on this issue or any of the other issues that plague our communities. I’m down for real work/solutions and I need help.