Just a heads up: Deep Green Resistance operates under some strongly transphobic(and specifically transmisogynistic) ideas, they’re kinda bad news.

Now, my great grandmother warned me to “stay up outta White folks business, and tend to your own,” and heeding this sage advice has greatly served me in my political and organizational life.

But since this issue is spilling into the Black community, and many Black folks have made the LGBTQAI Movement their own, some supporting and many others opposing, I guess it wouldn’t be too big of a violation to address this beef between DGR, Radical Feminist, and the pro-Trans community, and Trans people.  

Things were so much more simpler when I was just a Black Puritan holding to my Judaeo-Christian indoctrination (even after I rejected Western Regions) concerning LGBTQ individuals.  I didn’t have to think, study, or attempt to understand, I could just denounce them and move on to bigger issues like White Domination and Omnicide.  But purged my Judaeo-Christian indoctrination in my 20s, so I actually had to give thoughts to shit that I didn’t think worthy of consideration; I had to reevaluate my positions on Women, on LGBTQAI, on Sex, Sexuality, Masculinity, gender, and all that shit.  

So; this is coming from someone who’s been called both pro-Homo and Homophobic; hated by both sides of this conflict; cuz I just rest on the facts, reasoning, and the evaluation well articulated arguments surrounding this issue and movement.

First off, I reject calling anti-LGBTQ people; Homophobic.  A phobia is a disease, it’s a clinical diagnosis, it’s a mental disease or disorder; and many anti-LGBTQ people have never been diagnosed with a phobia, nor do they exhibit traits of being afflicted with a phobia.  

It’s also very insensitive to people who are afflicted with a phobia; I’ve worked in healthcare, and in mental health facilities, and I saw first hand how debilitating a phobia is, it can be crippling to its victims.  I know a lot of people who don’t like LGBTQ people, some who are utterly repulsed by the very notion of same-gender sexual relationships, but they don’t suffer from a phobia.  I’m not saying truly Homophobic or Transphobic people are not out there, but it’s not right to level that against all anti-LGBTQ people.  

Also if someone is truly LGBTQ-phobic, then they are suffering from a disease, and how is it appropriate to condemn someone for their mental illness, would you treat people who have a phobia of spiders like that (my wife was just recounting a story of how her arachnophobic friend crashed her car and died because she blacked out when she saw a small spider in her car on the highway), how about someone suffering from bipolar disorder, do we attack then when their disease provoke them to act in a way we don’t like?  

What’s also ironic is that LGBTQ people suffered from decades of false psychological diagnosis, now they level psychological diagnosis against their enemies. SMH. #Ironic  So, I use the title anti-gay, anti-trans, anti-lesbian, etc. Respect phobias and people who suffer from them.

Now, that that’s outta the way; let’s move on to DGR’s and Radical Feminist opposition to Transgender people.

Wait, I guess I should touch on my position on Feminism; I’m anti-Feminist…when it comes to Black women, I think the movement exploits the legitimate suffering and grievances of Black women to advance White women in their effort to seek equality with White men within the Systems and Institutions of White Domination. It’s a long story, you can search “Feminism” in my blog archives if you need more info on that position.

I do think that Feminism is rational for White women, and White women only, but not for women who suffer from both gender and racial oppression; I think such women need a movement and analysis that is separate from and beyond White women’s analysis and movements; cuz, even though White women are an abused and exploited ally of White males, they are still an ally, a loyal and unyielding ally in the Systems and Institutions of White Domination.  

So, here’s my understanding on this bit of (White Folks business): (No Dis to Black LGBTQAI, but I’m talking about DGR, RadFems, and White pro-Trans camps in the larger White progressive movement; so please don’t come reminding me that there are Black LGBTQAI.):::

Radical Feminist assert that men Transitioning to women it an appropriation of womanhood by the oppressor of women.  RadFems take the same position as intelligent Black people; that the oppressor should not be able to have open access to the physical, mental, cultural, and historical spaces of the oppressed.

Most people understand why people like Rachel Dolezal transitioning from White to Black is problematic because of the historical oppression, exploitation, and privilege White people have had over and against Black people.  

Well, RadFems make the same argument about men transitioning to women. Men oppress women, they have power over women, they have privilege over women, and now they demand open and unimpeded access to womanhood.  

So, a man, who can live his entire life enjoying White Male Privilege, who can even live a life oppressing and exploiting women can then become a woman, and demand women full accept as a women, and demand all women (even women who’ve been abused by men directly) embrace his-to-her womanhood. It’s understandable why RadFems have an issue with this.  

Also, the RadFems argue that Transwomen (MtF) still enjoy a level of male privilege and power, while Transmen (FtM) still carry the burden of womanhood, unless they are fully male gender presenting; and the moment they are found out to be Transmen they have to carry the burden of being a Transman(former woman) in a Patriarchal, Misogynistic system.  Just look at Caitlyn Jenner vs. Chaz Bono.  

Both are White Transpeople of privilege, but it’s obvious that Jenner’s Republican, Elitist ass was treated differently then Bono; and it’s based on their birth gender; the system and society has not forgotten that Jenner was born a White man, and even a rich former White man/Transwomen has more privilege than a woman; and RadFems call that shit out.  RadFems assert that men, or Transwomen should not have open and free access to their gender, because men have been a historical and ongoing threat to and oppressor of women.  

They also, in my reading acknowledge gender dysphoria, and the needs and struggles of people who suffer from this disorder, but not all Trans people suffer from GD, and there’s a difference between treatment for a disorder that the free and unimpeded access of the oppress into the spaces of the oppressed.   

It’s shocking to me that people who swear they are open, progressive, inclusive, and anti-oppression refuse to engage the RadFems on this issue, and just denounce them (which is what the Right does with those they disagree with). The RadFems have fought and bled for the social justice cause in the White community.  You telling me that the RadFems haven’t even earned a right to voice their concerns and criticism; if they don’t tow the line they are ousted, and lumped in the the Fascist, the Right Wing, the enemies of the White Left and White Progressives?  The same goes for DGR.

It seems to me that the White Left is as controlling, and closed minded as the Right, it’s even Fascistic when it comes to the Leftist Ideological Line; I’m not surprised, the White Left is still White. LOL!

I went to the Socialism Conference here in Chicago this year and it was ran just like some kinda corporate shareholders meetings. People checking IDs, herding people from place to place, preventing free and open interaction between the attendees; they separated people according to how much they paid or could afford to pay, and if you didn’t have the fees for the Socialism Conf, you were out, totally ass out.  But hey, White Socialism is still White, right?

Oh, and I’m still waiting for the LGBTQAI to stand up for Chelsea Manning!  The Trans-movement is attacking DGR, but I ain’t seen any organized opposition to Obama and his treatment of a great solider and Transwoman (I think Manning is one of the greatest soldiers since Smedely Butler)!  Obama tortured and incarcerated a hero who exposed imperialist war crimes, but yall too busy salivating over Jenner to give a fuck.  SMH.  If I was in your movement, that alone would provoke me to jump ship.  

I was listening to a Out Chicago! today and they were praising Obama, This Way Out, and many other LGBTQAI media outlets praise Obama.  The larger LGBTQAI Movement fucking love Obama!

Is the LGBTQAI Movement willing to sell out, not only the Progressive movement in the US but oppressed people around the globe for some favorable policy reforms? That’s a bigger problem than DGR and RadFems analysis of Transwomen and their relationship to Gender/Womens’ oppression.

Oh, and I guess I should mention that other Trans Warrior the LGBTQAI Movement ignored: CeCe McDonald who slit the throat and killed a Fascist in defense of her life and the lives of other LGBTQAI community members. No awards for CeCe, but yall flooding Jenner with accolades and awards. 

Jenner is a hero of the Trans movement while CeCe was left to rot in a cell by the larger movement…until CeCe’s cause got mainstream attention (thanks to Laverne Cox and Democracy Now).  SMH.  

So, I think the RadFems have some legitimate concerns that the LGBTQAI movement needs to address; and the larger Trans movement has other issues, much bigger than DGR that it should be dealing with…but none of that is none of my business.  

Fuck! I’m bout to press “Post” and I have to prep for all the damn Black Puritans, the UmarHive, and them clowns from the Black Straight Rights Movement, and their shit.  SMH.  But I guess I deserve this for even touching on “White folks business.”