“My Hate is Exclusive…”

I had a couple of Muslim Brothers recently accuse me of hating Muslims.  
Then they even went on to state that I, me, Diallo Kenyatta “hates
Muslims,” Christians, and Religious people in general.

I can
understand how someone could reach such a conclusion, if that someone
has below average reading comprehension skills, or if they are so
strongly indoctrinated in their chosen faith that they deem any
criticism or rejection of their faith as a personal attack or hatred of
them and their fellow believers.

But I assume they rest off yall
understand that you can reject Islam, you can articulate the Racist and
anti-African history of Islam, and you can expose the Racism and ongoing
aggression towards, and enslavement of Africans by Arab/Asian Muslims
without hating Black Muslims or all adherents to the Islamic faith.  My
father is a Muslim, my older brothers are Muslims, some of my favorite
scholars and writers are Muslims!  So I’d be a fool to hate all Muslims
even as I reject Islam and the existence of Allah.

I assume that
the rest of yall understand how one can oppose Zionism, or the Sexist,
toxic, anti-African Black Hebrews but not hate all Black Hebrews, or
Jews in general.  Hell I’ve even been critical of the “Jews run the
world” point of view that many Black Nationalist like to put forward; I
think White Global Domination is more diverse and complex than that.  
I’ve worked with Black Hebrews, those who embrace their African Heritage
from day one, and we understand the difference between divergent views
and divergent agendas, and we can work on common agendas even if we have
divergent views on Religion and the existence of Yahweh.

assume that the rest of yall know how one can utterly reject or even
hate Christianity but still love a who buncha Christians.  My favorite
people in the world are Christians from the woman who birthed me, to the
grandmother who raised me, to the big sister who kept me in check, to
the Uncles that were like fathers me, to all the other people who made
me the man I am today, most of them identify as Christians (too many of
them do, but that’s another discussion); so what the fuck I look like
hating all Christians, even as I understand and express that
Christianity is an absurd religion for any Black person to follow, as
absurd as following any Alien Religion.  I love me some Christians, even
if it takes them til after death to figure out what I learned at 12
years old; that there ain’t no Salvation coming besides the Salvation
that we secure for ourselves among ourselves.  

Finally, I defy
anyone to find any Religious person anywhere that can clime that I’ve
refused to work, build, organize with, or that I refused allow into
events I’ve put on, or in anyway showed undue hostility towards because
of their Religion, or faith.  

I’m a Vegan, I hate the meat and
dairy industries, and I strongly want my people in the US to adopt the
Vegan diet and lifestyle, but I don’t hate all meat eaters.  I don’t
have problems with people for having divergent views, unless their
divergent views drives them to commit atrocities, or support atrocities,
or to in any other way support Systems and Institutions of Oppression.

My hate is exclusive, and I reverse it only for the most deserving of muthafuckas.

So, you semi-literate people who read my ‪#‎DEvangelical‬, ‪#‎GoodWithOutGod‬, ‪#‎GiveThemBlackTheirGods‬, and ‪#‎AfricanReligiousReformation‬
post as hatred towards all the believers instead of rejection (and
hatred) for those and all Racist, Genocidal, anti-African, and
Oppressive institutions, yall need to not focus on me and get access to
more reading material than them Holy Books.

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