I Really Wish We Were ‘Our Own Worst Enemy.’

I have a confession to make:

I really wish the New Negros were correct when they say; “We are our own worst enemy.”

I know that’s a horrible thing to wish, I know we are far from our own worst enemy, but just imagine if New Negros dealt the Black Race like they deal with our true enemy; wouldn’t that be just wonderful.

How do New Negros treat our true enemies, you ask?

  1. They fight to unite and integrate with our enemies.
  2. They hold our true enemies blameless for our current conditions.
  3. They are quick to forgive and forget the atrocities of our enemies.
  4. When they confront our enemies they only do so non-violently.
  5. They embrace the laws and protocols imposed by our enemies.
  6. They demand that our enemies educate their children.
  7. They worship the Gods of our enemies.
  8. They assist our enemies in their agendas to dominate the world.
  9. They strive to build the economies of our enemies.
  10. They refuse to acknowledge that our enemies are our enemies.
  11. They love their enemies……unconditionally.
  12. They view the violence of our enemies as lawful, & excusable.

Shit I could go on, but just imagine if New Negros really truly believed that “we are our own worst enemies,” and acted accordingly.

But alas, New Negros know we are not “our own worst enemy,” they just repeat that mantra in order to justify their rejection of our Race, their treason, and cowardice in the face of our true enemies, or because their self-hate drives them to hate their reflection (which is all other Black people). They say it also because it wins them the proverbial pat on the head from Massa; especially when they go on White media and say that shit.

So the next time you encounter a New Negro who stands up and spouts; “Black people are our own worst enemy,” please agree with them, then request that they begin to treat the Black Race like they do all the other enemies of the our Race.