The Trans Criminal & the Trans “Hero.”

sorry yall, to be posting about White folks business and it ain’t even
White History Moth, but it’s my hobby to deflate the tires of all the
bandwagons I come across.

I’m also breaking my Great Grandmothers command to “stay up outta White folks business, and tend to ya own.”  Sorry Grandma.

Here we have two Transgender women,
one was torn down in the corporate media, tortured for months by the
Obama Administration, and locked away in a federal prison for doing the
right thing.  The other one, who had a respectable athletic career, then
went on to live an opulent life and promote Conspicuous consumption,
and other vacuous shit along side her family in the tabloid media and
via her family’s Reality TV show.  One is a villain for acting like a
hero, the other is called a hero for providing the masses with mindless
entertainment and distractions.

Now, when Bradley Manning (NKA: Free Chelsea Manning)
exposed US war crimes, and lost her freedom so that victims of US
atrocities could get justice and the US populace could see what the
government was hiding from us, and thus do something to correct the
injustice, I didn’t see folks who are a part of the Gay Rights Movement,
who are LGBTQAI, or allies of LGBTQAI say shit, not in the streets and
not on social media.  They just ignored the whole issue, because it was
Obama, their beloved Obama committing the atrocities and who tortured
and railroaded Manning into federal prison with an obscenely long prison

Where was the pride yall felt for having a Trans-person
commit such a brave, just, and historic act?  Were the fuck are yall now
as Manning rots in federal prison?

Yall muthafuckas saying
Jenner is a hero, how proud yall are of her, how America has changed,
how amazing her photo shoot was; you all are a bunch of fucking drones,
every single one of you who gushes over the media circus surrounding
Jenner’s Transformation; you are a drone if  you have not given Manning
any support, if you have not posted links to inform others about
Manning’s plight, you are an indoctrinated drone, falling yet again for
another mass media manipulation.

The US is not more accepting,
it’s not even more liberal; it’s about money, power, and sustaining the
money and power in the hands of the White Elites, while keeping the
masses distracted with BS like the Jenner photo shoot, and all the media
coverage of her Transformation.  

I’ve been called Homophobic
(which I assume includes Transphobic), and I’ve been accused of being
“pro-Homosexual,” and even of being a closeted Gay by those who are
anti-homosexual (which generally includes anti-Trans); I don’t even
bother to try to debate either of these accusations, I can say for sure
I’m pro-Realty and anti-Propaganda on any issue.  

This is a
classic example of Mass Propaganda; a study in Group Think and the
Manufacture of Consent, it blows my mind how the Corporate Media can
herd the masses, yall don’t eve make it hard for them.  This Jenner shit
is a manipulation and a distraction; it’s only relevant to me because
of how the issue demonstrates the depth of people’s indoctrination so

I mean the anti-gay (which often encompasses the
anti-trans) camp was consistent as ever in their response and fear
mongering about the Gay Agenda, but you LGBTQAI, and LGBTQAI allies,
yall should really be ashamed of yourselves falling for the oldest trick
in the book.  But since the GRM stole so much from the Civil Right
Movement, it is expected that yall would pick up the flaws; Gay Faces in
High Places and Trans Faces in High Places will now be the norm;
they’ll use it to pimp the LGBTQAI community like they’ve used Black
Faces in High Places to pimp the Black community.  Expect a LGBTQAI
POTUS to be elected in the next few years, so yall can blindly support
him or her as he or she imposes the Genocidal Capitalist agendas across
the globe, just like the Black community did with Obama.  

we can get into this shit next February during White History Month, I’m
sorry I disrupted dealing with Black folks business to speak on this,
but damn, there’s so much insight to be gained about the masses and the
manipulators here.