Brother Diallo, after Fidel Castro’s 90th birthday what can we learn from his resilience? The United States tried to assassinate this man hundreds of times. Was Castro lucky or was it something else?

What we can learn is that Socialism works, and that even an isolated, surrounded, and besiege little island can endure employing Socialist economic and social programs and policies. 

But Cuba was not a fully Socialist State, is was a single party dictatorship; but this was out of pure necessity, the state would have been subverted otherwise.

So we also learn that if the Socialist Revolution tries to rest in one small nation instead of working to aggressively expand across the region, continent, and globe it will always be threatened by the Capitalist, who can’t afford to allow the indoctrinated masses to see a “good example” of a fully functional Socialist Economy and State. 

Che understood this, but he couldn’t get Castro to fully and continually committed to full-scale global Revolution, Castro was more concerned with governing Cuba than liberating the region and hemisphere, which was the opposite of Che’s position.  But Castro did provide support and aid to anti-colonial and Socialist forces in Latin America and Africa, but not to the extent that Che wanted.

 As far as Castro’s ability to survive hundreds of attempts on his life, we have to remember that Castro was a scholar, he had a law degree, but he obsessively study Marxism, History, Political Science, and War.

I keep having to remind people that Revolution is an intellectual pursiit, and it’s distresses me that there is so much irrationality and anti-intellectualism among Revolutionaries in this day and age.  

Castro is from the era where they understood the value of scholarship, rationality, and statecraft.  Che was a Dr, Huey P. was a law student, and PhD, Bobby Seal studied engendering, Kwame Ture was a med student and intensely studied history, Fred Hampton and Malcolm X were self-taught scholars…, the list goes on.  Today people really think they can challenge Capitalism and Oppression ideology and fervor alone without any real academic foundation, SMH. 

So, Castro thwarted US assassination attempts by employed statecraft, setting up the proper protocols and infrastructure to protect himself, to vet his inner and outer circles, and he studied that tactics and agendas of his enemies and allies.  

It’s kinda saddens me that some teach that Castro used some kinda magic, VooDoo to protect himself, he was a secular atheist and a scholar.