I live and attend a predominantly white school in which I have a extreme disdain for every foot that steps into that building, the students as well as the staff are culturally insensitive, AAV is mocked, and the administration views me as there black token. I am likely going to attend a hbcu (I know assimilation factories), but I am conflicted on whether it will be worse to be surrounded by ignorant black people or ignorant white people. What are your thoughts?

I prefer Ignorant Black people over Ignorant White people any day, if that’s the choice.

I’ve never really found any viable Black community within White institutions, even when those White Institutions are peopled by Black bodies like HBCUs, Black GLO (Greek Letter Organizations), or Clubs. 

I’ve always had to seek out or organize a Pan-African formation independent of the White Institutions I was attending or working within, but we were always down to use the resources of the institution, don’t skip on that. 

You’ll have to scout the school and surrounding community and find Pan-Africanist and begin to cultivate those relationships.  Hold a movie night, a Pan-African poetry reading, a study group, book club, or some other social gathering to see who’s interested or already down.  Make sure the flyer or adverts have prominent RBG and Revolutionist symbols and heroes on them so folks know what the gathering is about.  I’ve done this and I’ve always managed to build a small grouping of Pan-Africanist wherever I was.

Don’t waste your time trying to convert New Negros, or even calling the Racist on their Racism as a student, fuck them, and it ain’t your obligation to educate them, do like the rebellious Africans of old; rob the Plantation house to bring resources by to the Slave shacks until you are strong enough to get off the Plantation for good, or stronger still to burn that muthafucka down….metaphorically*.

*(For the snitches and NSA). LOL!