Is it better to be an open revolutionary or a secret revolutionary? Is it better to have a movement openly hostile to unjust power structure of one that is underground? Thanks.

Shit, I’ll take any kinda Revolutionary I can get.

We actually need both, every revolutionary in history had above ground and underground cadres. 

In the US I think Revolutionist who are not engaged in any extralegal actions need to be very vocal because we operate in an environment where the People are bombarded with Government and Corporate Propaganda, and we have to be public to counterbalance and expose the anti-African propaganda. 

There are real risk involve, but simply being Black and totally apolitical in the US is risky so, fuck ti, you might as well jump in the ring.

I think is it always wise to be openly against injustice, even if you are not fully a Revolutionist, you still wanna be on the correct side of history, and people still have an “instinctive love of justice,” so you are better to be with the just instead of the unjust.

If you do chose to go underground, make sure you doing underground shit, if you are simply keeping quite to keep your job or to avoid offending your New Negro and White friends, then you ain’t underground, you are just lying to yourself.

You should never announce being underground, just link with your trusted allies and do your thang.  Underground Revolutionist need the most intensive study and disciple, read George Jackson on the issue and go from there. 

I’m obviously not underground because I don’t think our struggle in the US is advance enough to support and sustain any real underground efforts, so I advocate and organize fully above ground.  If such work is successful it will develop into more intense and expanded efforts within our lifespans.

If I were organizing outside the US, then I’d have to adjust my methodology accordingly.