Gaza: The Atrocity of the Hour.

I’m glad so many people are up in arms about the Zionist’s genocidal attack against the Palestinians, but we can’t forget a simple fact….the Palestinians ain’t unique.

Global White Domination, and its Omnicidal Economic system of Capitalism has many people and regions of the globe under attack. These Systems are behind many atrocities beyond Palestine.

We have ongoing atrocities and human rights violations in….

-The Congo
-Papua New Guinea
-South Sudan
-The Amazon
-New Zealand
-Serria Leone
-The Caribbean
-The USA

Palestine is now in the headlines, but the atrocities were going on before the Western Media decided to turn the spotlight on, and will continue after it’s redirected to a new story.

Europeans have committed genocide and other atrocities on every single populated landmass on the planet Earth, including Europe over the last 200+ years. We don’t even have to go back to the Romans!

They always pretend that there is some unique provocation, or problem that causes these atrocities, but they all can be traced back to the fact a brutal minority has gained military dominance over the world, and control over the world’s natural resources and economy.

Just remember that, OK? We tend to want to deal with the atrocities as isolated events instead of necessities of a System that we are all subject to and only a few of us benefit from.

Just look at the labels on your clothing, the tag in your shoes, the ‘made in’ stamp on your phone or computer and you’ll see some additional regions where we have ongoing atrocities and human rights violations.

So we can just express our discontent and sadness at the “Atrocity of the Hour,” or we can be aware that the whole planet is saturated with atrocities, and mobilized to deal with this problem at its very core and end this shit once and for all.