Go Vegan, but Don’t Follow PETA’s Vegan Diet Recommendations.

If are transitioning to a Vegan diet, please avoid PETA’s dietary suggestions.  

If you are in support of Animal Rights, as am I, then by all means,
fuck with PETA; and go Vegan, but don’t follow PETA’s instructions on
how to eat and live a Vegan lifestyle.  They promote many foods that
contribute to many debilitating and chronic diseases; which plague the
Black community.

PETA fails to connect the health and well-being of humans to the better treatment of animals.

I’ve worked with PETA members, and many of them don’t give a fuck about
people, (beyond getting us to shun animal foods and products). I’ve
hosted PETA members at my old Vegan restaurant, and I told them to stop
endorsing unhealthy and toxic Vegan food options as an alternative to
meat and they got so angry with me; they told me it’s about protecting
animals, not human health.

Here’s a list of Vegan foods that PETA
promotes, there’s so much unhealthy shit on the list that I would never
recommend to anyone, not even a meat eater.