On Mass Indoctrination & Admiration of the Elite…

The masses don’t admire the rich because we appreciate hard-work, ingenuity, and stick-to-itiveness, not at all.

We admire the rich because the public/private education systems have worked to systematically destroy our critical thinking ability, which leaves us without the ability to fully analyze and understand the parasitic nature of this economy, and where wealth comes from, and how it gets accumulated into the hands of the few.

After our formal education destroys our ability to think critically and analytically, we are flooded with media that reinforces our ignorance and constantly feeds us falsehoods about everything from the economic system, to the nature of “our” democratic, merit based political system.

Then to drive the nail in our intellectual coffins, the Elite hand pick some degenerates from the oppressed and under-classes to flood with Fiat currency, and to flaunt their “individually” earned success and wealth as a beacon of (false) hope for the masses who will never move beyond their set class or caste standing, and as an example the fairness and openness of this fixed, corrupted, and unsustainable economic and governing system.

All this drives the exploited masses to defend the system that attacks them, and to attack the organizations that try to defend their interest.

The Elite used to have to send in the troops or hired goons to quell the rebellions of the masses, now they just allow us to buy cheap shit from Wal-Mart, to vote every few years, and feed us the false hope that we to can one day be rich, or our children will be if we just play the game and work really hard….(to keep them rich).

If you see the rich as anything but your Class/Political/Social/Caste enemies, and you are not a member of the Elite, then your indoctrination is secure and complete.

(PS: You Human Resources with high salaries, McMansions, nice cars, advanced degrees, good credit scores, etc…are not members of the Elite, sorry, a mere raise in your Consumption Capacity is not enough to join that club; and if I have to lay out for you what really makes one a member of the Elite or Capitalist Class, then you know damn well you ain’t.)