This might come of as vague, but what the hell is up with this Macklemore song? Why is this song so important?

Yeah, this is vague, too vague.  I have not idea what song you are referring, and I ain’t about to search that muthafucka’s music to find out which song you are asking about.  

To me, none of his music is important.  

PS: I’m not faulting you, I’m sure if I had gotten to your question the day you asked it I would have been able to figure out what song without suffering thought his songs, but I can take me some time to get to questions, I have a little back log.  So, it’s on me really.  Next time you should put the title of the song in the question, or just ignore Macklemore’s music all together, like I do.

He’s a corny ass Culture Bandit.