Don’t be so hard on Katy Perry.

What do yall want, for her to dress up like a queen in the Dark Ages, in a shit filled castle full of rats, the plague, tuberculosis, and surrounded by inbred Serfs infested with lice and other parasites?

Do yall want her to be a Greek or Roman Goddess? She can’t have a video where she’s raped by the male gods, or forced to reproduce with wild bulls or some other beast. (Yeah, their gods did that shit.) Yall want her to portray a Greek or Roman Orgy scene in her video complete with the little Greek/Roman children being sexually exploited while castrated slaves provide them with wine?

Or do yall expect Katy to portray a modern woman in power like Hilliary? In a loveless marriage, out doing the bidding of a Parasitic Elite while pretending to represent Woman’s Empowerment and lying to the masses for votes?

If we really had an in dept understanding of White history and culture we’d fully understand why Whites are driven to appropriate our culture and imagery. Hell we’d even understand why so many of them ran the fuck up outta Europe and colonized our lands.

If they were not so deadly and destructive you’d might even begin to sympathize with them when they put a White face on African Culture.

They do it because their Culture ain’t shit and they know it.

Finally, if you are offended by this, just go watch Beyoncé’s ‘Bow Down’ video for a Bizarro version of this bullshit right here, and then tell me if we are justified in complaining.