Good White People…

It doesn’t matter how any individual White person feels about any individual Black person; racism, White Supremacy, and Black oppression are rooted in the system. It matters not how good any individual White person is, or how liberal. Those so-called Good Whites have NEVER been able to impose their goodness on the overall White Power Structure. The Good Whites have never stopped a genocide campaign, a war, a colonization campaign, or even a lynching. The best Good Whites have done is to make the system of Global White Supremacy more polite in it’s language, but still just as brutal and omnicidal.

The reason for this is because Good Whites enjoy White Privilege as much as the Racist Whites do. The stolen Wealth of the Third World allow good Whites to live their liberal cafe lives, or to go on their rugged libertarian adventures; as much as it allows the elite to live in their private estates and the rednecks to enjoy their backwater lives. Then Whites, who sometimes feel the sting of their pathological system have the gall to pretend that they know our plight, or have suffered as we did/do. There are even some Uncle Toms who support them is this BS.

Whites brought the world to this state of ecological collapse by forcing everyone they didn’t kill to accept their omnicidal way of being and relating to the world. We need to destroy the system of Global White Supremacy, and the closer we come to that necessary goal, we will find more and more liberal Whites joining their Racist kinfolk to defend White private and the systems that allows them to exploit our wealth.