Good Cop, Bad Cop, Oppressive Institution.

“I called the cops for beef that I had, they didn’t do a damn thing,
telling me to calm down.  Getting red in the face and they threaten me
with mace!” – Sadat X

I just came across a Fb feed with some of our Black elders and
intellectuals debating the issues of Police violence and
“Black-on-Black” crime, some were arguing that we needed the police to
protect us from crime and homicides.  SMH.  

There seems to be something we still fail to understand:

The police are not in the Black community to protect Black people from crime, they are they to contain us.

Black dysfunction is central to the preservation of Capitalism and the White majority both materially and psychologically.

They police support the criminogenic system that creates and sustains Black crime and homicides, they don’t oppose it!

So don’t listen to these ‪#‎NewNegros‬
(especially Black cops) who talk that shit about protecting us from
Black criminals, because the cops are criminals, the police are a State
Sponsored Street Gang, nothing more.  

The police are corrupt,
they kill, they traffic in drugs, they shake down innocent people for
protection money, they rape and prostitute women, they commit contract
killings, they kill or set-up other cops who refuse to “put in work” and
join the corruption; every single thing you see the thugs and
gang-bangers do the cops do with the support of the State and your tax
dollars.  So don’t think you need the cops, we don’t we them, we need an
end to the oppressive conditions imposed on our people.  That’s all we

Every single oppressive state, from the Roman Empire, to
Nazi Germany, to the Jim Crow South, to the Latin American
Dictatorships; every single oppressive and genocidal regime in human
history has had the full support of the Police, never has the police
sided with justice or the people they always side with corrupt powers,

“I never seen the police break a strike by hittin’ the boss with his baton pipe!” – Boots Riley

The police never side with the people, the police don’t serve the people.

So don’t let them tell you that BS about Black people needing the cops
to protect us from killers and criminals, because the cops are killers
and criminals.

The institution of policing cannot be reformed, so
it matter not how good any individuals cop is or isn’t the institution
of policing will always serve the same historical purpose and follow the
same damn patterns.