Dear Reactionaries.

These Parasitic Elite, and their sycophantic henchmen are going to have to invent a new offense, crime, or atrocity; or else I ain’t gon be able to join in any of the superficial and ineffective responses to the System of Oppression.

-I can’t join in boycotting the music or movies of these Minstrel Black entertainers when they publicly show their utter contempt for the masses of Black people, because I turned my back on the toxic media 20 years ago.

-I can’t join yall in the boycotting the toxic food and beverage industries because I went vegan/organic/non-GMO/Local over 20 years ago. So the next time these food conglomerates are caught enslaving migrant workers, or tossing some pathogenic chemicals into the batter…I can’t hop on the boycott bandwagon with yall.

-I can’t get with the anti-police/judge/judicial system protest, because I’ve been active against the systems of oppression since I was 14, and I never expect them to behave in any other way than fascist, racist, oppressive criminals. So when they show their hand, I just kinda shrug, and keep pressing on. Besides, I have to admit that I am resentful that Reactionary individuals show up when they are emotionally charged, but then disperse after the media moves on to a new story. No lie, I had so many people on deck after the Zimmerman verdict, but I don’t see dem no mo.

-I can’t even get with yall when election time comes and yall wanna try to rally the community around some Democratic Sociopathic liar. I’m politically engaged every damn day, and I’m too politically aware to put my faith in a Poly-Tick-Shun. So I’m left out there too.

I don’t know how any one, especially an African can reach puberty without seeing this system those who constructed it for what it is, I also don’t know how people go from atrocity to atrocity, protest to protest, march to march, and not fully commit to Revolutionary struggle.

The rage, pain, frustration, anger, etc., yall felt around the Trayvon Martin murder, or the travesty unfolding in the Dunn case, I feel that everyday, so I work every day for Liberation from this sick system.

So if you don’t see me at the next rally, candle light vigil, or some other shit, just know, I wish I could be with yall, but I just can’t; however, yall are always free to join me in the day-to-day Revolutionary Struggle