A Christmas Message from Diallo Kenyatta…


On the run up to Jesus Christ’s birthday, I’d like to re-post a message to all my Christian Brothers and Sisters out there.

Please open your hearts my Christian Brothers and Sisters, and hear these words:

I know your Jesus would not have given his life for a bunch of passive consumers, pimp preachers, pedophile priest, repressed hypocrites, human resource drones, patriotic know-nothings, individualistic, materialistic, fake ass Christians.

The man you pretend to emulate wouldn’t set one foot in none of yall churches, he wouldn’t ride shotgun in the Cadillac with none of yall Passtuhs, wouldn’t vote for your drone bombing president, wouldn’t eat the toxic food you love, and wouldn’t tolerate life in a world full of poverty, exploitation, and misery. Your Jesus wouldn’t pretend that some Pagan ritual/corporate windfall (holiday) was his birthday celebration. He wouldn’t be posting stupid ass, confusing bible verses on Fb, and guess what: he wouldn’t even be a Christian!

That Jesus would be with the Revolutionaries, he’d be in the streets with the outcast and the criminals, he’d be in opposition to the wealthy and the powerful.

If you really love you some Jesus, if you really think he gave his life for your immortal soul, if you really think that you are to emulate him in your life; then join the goddamn Revolution already!

That concludes my holiday messages, enjoy the Savior’s birthday, and meditate on these words. Merry Christmas!

(Note: Don’t jump on here talking bout how Dec. 25th ain’t Jesus’ birthday, or how his real name ain’t Jesus, or how Jesus ain’t even real, or none that mess. I ain’t talking to you who don’t hold to this particular belief system or celebrate this holiday. I’ll have a message for yall on your holidays, solstices ritual, or what ever spookism yall hold too, just wait your turn. This is between me and my Christian Brothers and Sisters who celebrate Christmas. Thank you.)