What are you thoughts on the #JusticeorElse march and Minister Farrakhan in general? I’m sure you’re aware of talk in the conscious community saying he was responsible for Malcolm’s assassination.

#JusticeOrElse is a great marketing slogan, I bet he hired a Jewish PR firm to come up with it.  LoL. (JK, I don’t know where that hashtag originated, so please don’t ask me to confirm who came up with it.) 

Look, the march at this point is a ritual for the nation as a whole, it’s joke to our enemies/oppressors, and a Sacred Cow to the AfroCentrics that still get off on that kinda shit: grand public spectacles. 

I’m sure the DCPD, the Secret Service, and all other security agencies in the capital roll out the red carpet for the MMM at this point, it gives an economic injection to the district and allows the Black Puritans, the Toxic Black Nationalist, the Chakra Aliners, and AfroSexist, and the Hamster Wheel Activist to blow off some steam.  Every one wins….except for the oppressed masses that the Black (mis)leaders claim to represent, but they don’t matter really, not even to the Black (mis)leaders.

As for the “talk” about Malcolm’s Assassination, Farrakhan is on video stating that the Nation “dealt with Malcolm like any nation would deal with a traitor.” So what’s left to discuss, or “talk” about?