What are your responses thoughts on David duke from a pan africanism perspective? He’s endorsed trump and stated voting against him is treason to European heritage.


David Duke is not a problem, and not worthy of our fear or focus.  We long learned how to deal with Open, Honest, and Blatant Racist.  We’ve long took to knocking the shit outta White dudes like him.  We’ve forced these low-level White Aggressors into the Anonymity of the Internet to spew their hatred from safe spaces.  When they do occasionally get enough beer, meth, and bravery to show their heads we quick to remind them why they started hiding their White Pathology and Racist Views in the first place.  

I don’t trip off of the Dukes of the world.  Trump is a cartoonish Fascist who’s only slightly more dangerous than Duke.

The real threat to Black people are the Sophisticated White Aggressors and Racist, Like Heelary Clinton.  

Heelary harbors all of the Racism and White Aggression of a Duke and Trump but she got our entire community wrapped around her middle-finger.

Neither Duke or Trump have advanced or passed Mass Incarceration Policies, Defunded programs that were helping millions of poor Black Children, carried out a Coup against a Black Nation, put Black people on Death Row, Polluted the communities and bodies of Millions of Blacks people; but Heelary has done all of that and more.

We got ignorant ass Rappers talking about “Fuck Donald Trump,” but we got educated Negros embracing and endorsing Heelary.

So, I don’t focus too much on the low hanging fruit of the Tree of White Domination I focus on the trunk of that tree.  Focus on the Racist who are slick, sophisticated, hidden, and more effective, not on the Rednecks, Clowns, and Hicks.