Diallo’s Conspiracy Corner: The Corporate Media Hive Mind

If they can control our expectations, desires, and values through the media, then they will not have to worry about forcing us to act in any particular way.

When the masses are ‘properly’ and fully indoctrinated, each mind becomes an agent of the Elite, an enforcer for the Elite, and a self replicating instrument of control because the indoctrinated pass their indoctrination on to their children and the other youth in their charge.

Each indoctrinated mind also develops an aversion to any information that challenges or seeks to break its indoctrination. If you intellectually pull at the bars of an individuals or a collectives indoctrination they will bite at your fingers until you end your attempts to open the cages of their minds. That’s why those who seek to liberate the people are mocked and attack by them so often.

There is a chance that the Parasitic Elite’s hold on the masses can never be broken because we now all carry little devices in our pockets and purses that feed us a steady dose of Western Indoctrination. It use to be that the Elites had to wait for us to pick up a news paper, turn on our car radios, or settle in front of the TV after a long day of Wage Slavery, but now there are no break in the propaganda, and the masses can select their own personalized propaganda.

That’s why the Ronald Regan Administration had to end the ban on media and corporate consolidation before the government and the multinational corporations allowed the digital and wireless technology to go fully public. They needed to make sure that the bulk of the media was controlled and only spewed the messages that the Elites wanted the masses to consume.

That’s why the same media companies that give us Christian Radio, and Family Friendly programing also produce and provide the degenerate Pop Music, and Pornography. They control all the media, and make sure their indoctrination is embedded in all for it, from Fox News to MSNBC; it is all Elite Propaganda.

I seldom meet anyone who has independent views, contextual understanding of issues, or who are even aware of occurrences that the corporate media don’t tell them to pay attention to.

It’s like we are developing a hive mind, like were the fucking Borg from Star Trek, except even less independent in our thoughts.

I’ve conceived of, and even implemented some counter-indoctrination measures, but they are like fighting a wild fire with a thimble full of water.

I’m not sure what else to do until the Corporate Media Borg finally consume me too.