Street Harassment vs. “Tryna Holla.”

I posted a link and comment decrying Street Harassment, and more than a few Brothers have asserted it to be their “per-historic” right to chase women, or that I’m unjust calling men Sexist who try to “holla at women.”

I though we were getting somewhere until the post was hijacked by Black Feminist. Brothers, many whom I would deem positive Brothers reveled how deep this issue is, and it’s need to be addressed.

I’m about creating an atmosphere in our communities for the cultivation our empowerment and liberation, and we will not get there if the women of our communities can’t walk the streets without fear of harassment or attack. We Brothers who don’t commit the attacks still contribute to the fear, tension, discomfort, and resentment Black women have to walk the streets with due to our ignorance and insensitivity to our Sister’s plight.

Here’s my response to the most recent inquiry about men who are simply “tryna holla at women,” (someone wanted to know if “tryna holla” made you) automatically Sexist. I hope it clarifies my positions for the rest of you Brothers who think I’m calling yall Sexist for simply informing strange women of your unsolicited opinions and views about her.

I hope posting my response to one Brother can spark the dialogue I was trying to have before the Feminist jumped in attacking me and accusing me of only caring about Street Harassment because I saw that White women suffered from it…no lie, review yesterday’s post if you don’t believe me;

My response about Street Harassment, and Sexism, to my Brother:

“No, that’s not Sexism (to simply seek a conversation)…, but men need to be sensitive to the Street Harassment many women endure, and understand that it’s not the woman’s obligation to respond positively, or respond at all even if you approach with the best intentions.

But let’s be really real…:

How often do men start conversations with old women in the street they don’t know? If we need conversation why not talk to women we already know? Why not call our wives or mothers, why is there a need to "start a conversation” with a woman who dosen’t know us? We know what those “conversations” are really about man, and we need to just keep those conversations in the appropriate social settings, and off the streets, outta the grocery stores, and other public places.

Here’s a good policy…(men could follow); don’t approach a strange women in places or under conditions that you wouldn’t want a strange man to just walk up to you and start talking or trying to be familiar with you. The same conditions you wouldn’t want a man hollering at you are likely to be the same that a woman dosen’t want a man hollering at her.

Oh, and I know what you are thinking; “I’m not gay,” but this ain’t about sex, you said “tryna holla” and start a conversation; if it’s about sex, then you know it’s even more offensive to approach a strange women in a public place to attempt to provoke a sexual encounter.

So any way if falls, Let the Sisters Go on their way (without you “tryna holla, or start a conversation.”)