Admit it’s true: Asians are smarter than blacks, and therefore racially superior. Scientists have linked intelligence to be inversely proportional to penis size.

Asians are so damn smart that they…..

  • Have spent billions on nuclear arsenals while many of their countrymen and women suffer from malnutrition and illiteracy; but I guess since they are born smart they don’t need adequate schools for all of their people.
  • They have succeeded in contaminating, polluting, and destroying their vast and beautiful ecosystems of their nations in order to produce disposable items for Western consumption, but hey, they have a shit-load of fiat currency to show for it.
  • The Japanese are so damn smart that they have managed to nuke themselves 100Xs worse that the West did during WWII.
  • So damn smart that they abandoned cultures and traditions that allowed them to build and sustain civilizations that spanned 5000+ years only to adapt Omnicidal Economic and Political systems of their former colonizers and enemies, which allow for the growth of a corrupt elite while the mass of Asians, (as smart as they are) slave away in sweatshops or in rural poverty. 

I’m not trying to dis Asian people because I understand that, just like Africans, and other aboriginal peoples they are represented by an elite who are no different than the Western elites in their willingness to exploit the masses for short-term personal gain.

Finally, truly Superior Races, and truly Intelligent people don’t have to announce or brag about their intelligence.  They don’t create destructive and unsustainable systems of governance, they don’t destroy their ecosystems, they don’t need heavenly armed cops and millions of prisons cells to maintain social order.  What you are mistaking for superior intelligence is nothing more then Techno-Barbarism. 

Which the West has proven to be most Superior in their Barbarism, and Savagery, and no other Race can, or should even desire to match or surpass you guys.