Peep this, it is a manifestation of what I’ve been talking about over the last few days concerning New Negros, Blackification, and Africanization of White people’s shit.

I used Feminism as an example of how White folks indoctrinate Black people into shit, and once we fully buy into it, they jump ship leaving us looking stupid as we continue behaviors and ideologies we got from them, but they have abandoned.

Well here’s another example; in the realm of Economics. Listen to this Ray Lotta advocate for what is essentially a African Communal system in a Western Industrial context, while Glenn Loury, a prominent New Negro regurgitates his indoctrination. Loury don’t even sound or look like he believes what he’s saying his damn self, just like he’s responding on cue like Pavlov’s Dog.

If we don’t wake up Black people will be only people on this planet boosting Capitalism, Supremacy, American Patriotism, Christianity, Islam, Feminism, the Standard American Diet, the Western Democracy, Individualism, Multiculturalism, and all the other shit that was hammered into our culture and our minds my our Oppressors.

While our Oppressors adopt our ways of being, sit on the shores of our ancestral lands, talking about how fucked up we are.

So I say again, give White people back their shit!