Remembering WWI & 100 Years of Western Domination & Ritulized Mass Murder (1914-2014)


WWI (World War, 1914-1918) Started 100 years ago. What’s make WWI historical is not scale of the war, Europeans had been engaged in mass and ongoing slaughters for centuries prior to 1914.

WWI such a major event in European history is that it was the first war that was supported by industrial production. It was the first mechanized, mass produced, and modern capitalist, Imperial war. Death on an industrial scale. This war set the tone for the entire century.

The years between 1900-2000 were dominated by the West, a century of genocide, The Century of the Self, a century of constant war and disruption. The West loves to tout the technological advances that their rule have bestowed upon humanity, but we must decide if it is worth destroying the life sustaining capacity of this planet to maintain.

This new century (2000-2100) was marked not only my the West’s newest excuse for ritualized mass murder; “the War on Terror,” it marked a new era in Western Warfare itself. They have gone from industrial warfare to digital warfare.

The Wars of White Imperial Aggression are no longer presided over by generals in bunkers who are a safe distance from the fighting, it’s run by politicians who are not even on the same continent as their impoverish soldiers.

The politicians (who work for the Parasitic Elite) no longer consult their battle forged military commanders for strategy, they use computer models and algorithms to determine their next move, bombing site, or invasion target. The planes of the empire are no longer dependent on the bravery, and psychopathy of pilots who are willing to kill for glory, country, and money, no, the bombers and fighter planes don’t need pilots at all.

We are definitely in a new era, and as with all transitions the West love a grand war to mark that new era, but there’s only one problem; no one is willing to join with them in their blood ritual. The rest of the world saw what happened to Japan when they tried to play the White Man’s game during Wwii, so the rest of the world opted out.

That’s why the West has been forced to invent, train, and fund their enemies since the end of the anti-colonial wars. These “minor” conflicts have fed their appetite for mass murder up to now, but that was before the economic collapse.

When Capitalism (the economic system of White Imperialism) falters, you need a global scale war to revive, it. That’s why the White Imperialist have been grooming China to play the role Germany played during WWII, in their orchestrated WWIII.

So as we look back on the last bloody century under Global White Domination, we need to determine if we are willing to endure another 100 years of this madness, or are we going to do what we need to to rebalanced this world.