I was reading about Chile and how the US killed the socialist leader Salvador Allende and replaced him with a military dictator. This is not the first time in history the US has replaced (read: assassinated) a leader with socialist leanings and replaced them with homicidal maniacs. But this has me thinking, what does the west, especially the US have against socialism and what is their ultimate goal to the madness?

Short Answer:
Their Indoctrinated Ignorance of Socialism is what the (masses of citizens in the) West and US have against Socialism.

Long Answer:
The US Elites have a different relationship to Socialism than the US Masses.

The Elites love socialism; they practice socialism, and they benefit greatly from socialism.  The Masses are taught by the Elites to hate, fear, and reject Socialism.  Chomsky talks about Socialism for the (Elite) Few, and Dog-Eat-Dog Capitalism for the Oppressed Many.  The majority of public funds, programs, and resources go to the Elites, that’s Socialism.  Billion dollar government contracts, and trillion dollar bailouts, that’s all Socialism, and it’s reserved for the Elites. 

Socialism works, it’s effective, that’s why the Elites love it.  Where Allende and other socialist nations fucked up is that they democratized socialism, the didn’t just reserve it for the elites, they offered it to the masses.  Democratic, bottom-up socialism is what the Elites hate; that’s the kinda socialism that will get you assassinated, your government toppled, your nation invaded. 

The US invest billions in media and (mis)education to indoctrinate the masses of its citizens to reject and hate socialism, and it spend trillions internationally to subvert socialist nations that offer the benefits of socialism to all of its citizens. 

The US can’t afford a “Good Example” of a properly run socialist nation to exist in the world, or it will fuck up the game the Global White Elites are running on the rest of humanity.  We will find out that we don’t need perpetual wars, fascist police, massive debt, ecocide, and we really don’t need billionaires and multinational corporations; that they are parasites, and the the masses are the true source of all wealth and should hold all wealth in common.